When trying to lose weight, your greatest weapon might be just around the corner.

Your neighbourhood GP at Botany Medical & Urgent Care can help you reach your goals. It’s widely recognised that good information – and having a check-up – is the best preparation for weight loss.

Weight loss: Your local GP in Botany can help

Your GP can help you choose the best path to weight loss. When trying to lose weight on your own, it’s hard to know which way to turn. There are so many unhelpful fad diets and plans around – it can be overwhelming.

If you’re trying to lose weight, or if you’re planning to try – Botany doctor advice is that you pop in and see your GP for a check-up. Being armed with the right information about your health will give you a far better chance of success.

Everybody is different: what’s best for you?

Before you try to change your body, it’s helpful to know about your body – and everybody is different. At Botany Medical & Urgent Care, we help you put your best foot forward when you start out on your weight loss journey.

We identify changes you can make – to make change easier for you.

Sometimes, small things make a huge difference. When you visit, we’ll ask you some questions, assess your physical health, give you some advice, and provide assistance.

We’re here to help you succeed

Visiting your local Botany doctor before you attempt to lose weight is a simple process – but it is important. If you haven’t exercised for a while, we’ll make sure you’re ok to.

  • We’ll Ask – about your diet, your current level of exercise. We’ll also check your weight isn’t because of an underlying health problem, or any medications you’re taking.
  • We’ll Assess – things like your BMI and waist measurement. These can provide clues as to where to go next.
  • We’ll Assist – by helping you with information on a healthy diet, and effective exercise. We may do this ourselves, but we can also refer you to helpful professionals, such as Exercise Physiologists, and Dieticians.
  • We’ll Advise – about how your new lifestyle will improve your health or what are the dangers of some extreme diets. Encouragement gives us reasons to push through.
  • We’ll Arrange – regular reviews and visits so we can monitor progress. We’ll help you plan.

We’ll provide pats on the back when you reach goals, and a shoulder to cry on if the going gets tough.

Regular follow-ups are a great way to minimise the risks of relapse, and to maximise your chance of success.

Call us today at Botany Medical & Urgent Care on 09 2801790. We’re waiting to guide you through the steps to a healthier life. We’re just around the corner.