Once we reach forty, it’s essential to make sure we get regular health checks. As we get older, we become increasingly prone to illness, but staying healthy in our forties doesn’t need to be complicated, embarrassing or stressful.

Your local Botany doctor at Botany Medical & Urgent Care provides convenient check-ups for men in South Auckland. We seek to promote things like good prostate and heart health and look to prevent and detect issues which typically affect men in their forties such as stress, depression, blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.

Just as you get a regular Warrant of Fitness for your vehicle to make sure it’s roadworthy, your body will benefit from a quick inspection and once-over too. Just as you wouldn’t drive your car with a rattle, it’s important not to let aches and pains pass without getting them checked out.

Even if you do feel ok, when it comes to health issues, early diagnosis can prevent the onset of serious illness and will result in a better prognosis in almost all cases. It’s why your car gets a WoF every year whether there’s an apparent problem or not. The earlier a mechanic catches a problem, the easier it is to deal with it and the less likely it is to have ongoing consequences – and your health is no different.

Over 40s Checkup: Don’t put it off – It’s easy, quick, and it could save your life

Getting the all-clear after a health check – as the vast majority of men do – is a great feeling and brings peace of mind. Most things we dread turn out to be fine – we all know this. However, as men, we tend to feel reluctant to get health checks. At Botany Medical & Urgent Care, we’re sensitive to the fact that many guys avoid visiting the doctor unless they feel they need to. Once you reach forty, however, the truth is that visiting when you feel fine can save your life and attending the GP if you feel ill is essential. That’s why we’re committed to making our Botany male health checks for over-40s as stress-free as possible.

Usually, just the thought of what might happen at a check-up is what puts us off. What will I need to do? Will it be embarrassing? Many of us have misconceptions, but the fact is that health checks for men in their forties are a simple and straightforward process – and here at Botany Medical & Urgent Care – you’ll be in good hands.

Men’s Health in South Auckland: 40 Year Old Man Checkup – What to Expect

Many men get stressed about checkups, but the first thing they feel when they get around to attending an appointment is relieved. Often, it’s just a chance to have a chat with your local Botany GP and get some advice. Your doctor will talk to you and figure out what tests and examinations you need. When you’re forty plus, it’s important to get checked out for things like:

  • Family history of disease or medical problems
  • Blood pressure
  • Liver health
  • Cholesterol levels and heart health
  • Regular weight checks
  • Irregular moles or spots on your skin
  • Risks of prostate cancer and bowel cancer
  • Vision and hearing
  • Hormone and energy levels
  • Diabetes risk evaluation
  • Basic dental checks
  • Eyesight
  • If you suffer from depression and anxiety, visiting the doctor is a chance to talk confidentially about this

Attending your 40+ Male Health Check in Botany Couldn’t be Easier

Everyone is different, health checks are all about assessing your specific risks and making sure you’re ok. It’s easy to make an appointment for a men’s 40 plus health check in South Auckland and attending is easy too. Botany Medical & Urgent Care is conveniently located, whether you’re driving, walking or on public transport. So drop in, have a chat, and get checked out.